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Chorondo & Filhos, Lda.

Industrial Transformation of Carob

Dried Fruits are a culture with a great tradition in the Algarve.

Gregório Chorondo soon started the marketing and transport of Almond, Figs and especially Carob for industries in the region, his son Joaquim Chorondo followed this activity installing a small transformation of Carob in the town of Tenoca in Boliqueime, where today the company headquarters. The facilities grew and so did the company’s activity, it was then that in 1988, Joaquim Chorondo together with his two sons, Isaurindo Chorondo and Angelina Chorondo, decided to found Empresa Chorondo & Filhos, Lda.

The transformation of Carob into crushed and seed extraction has always been the “Core Business” of the Company, this happens for several reasons; the Algarve is the only region in the country (except for small farms in Baixo Alentejo) that produces carob, there were some carob processors in the Algarve and three factories that transformed carob seeds, at the moment there is only one in activity that is owned by Chorondo Family, A Industrial Farense, Lda.

The Company is now in its 4th generation and in order to meet its commitments and to accompany its growth, it was necessary to acquire in 1994 “A Industrial Farense, Lda” and in 2000 of the second factory for processing Alfarroba in São Brás de Alportel.

We have a processing capacity of around 30 thousand tons/year, most of which go to foreign markets.

Chorondo & Filhos, Lda. is part of some business associations, including the Mondial Carob Group – International Association of Carob Transformers, NERA – Business Association of the Algarve Region, AIDA – Interprofessional Association for the Development of Carob Production and Enhancement, and develops projects with prestigious scientific institutions such as INETI, IST and UALG.

Code of Ethics of Chorondo & Filhos, Lda.


The Code of Ethics defines the principles that must guide the work and relationships in the company and also the ethical conduct that each professional at CHORONDO & FILHOS must adopt for the constant improvement of the quality of services.

This code explains what we consider ethical in actions and professional posture with whom we interact. For CHORONDO & FILHOS, constantly betting on superior quality is a challenge and a goal that we seek to achieve, through work, professionalism, determination and the ethical and responsible conduct of all its employees.

This code of ethics is a formal reference that applies to all direct employees, regardless of the position or function they occupy, service providers of CHORONDO & FILHOS, from whom a uniform personal and professional conduct is expected, in order to become a pattern of internal relationships and with the different segments of society.

Thus, CHORONDO & FILHOS is committed to the highest standards of ethics and good business conduct. This covers its relations with all partners with whom it establishes contacts, namely its Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Competitors, State, Banks and Communities where it operates.

Organizational Culture of Chorondo & Filhos, Lda.


CHORONDO & FILHOS believes that it is essential to continue to be a reference in the strategic areas of production, trade, processing and distribution of carob. The company has a history full of success stories, as well as testimonials shared by its customers.

CHORONDO & FILHOS is committed to ensuring a preventive management model so that it can proficiently monitor and/or satisfy the processes of change that occur in the sector of activity in which it operates.

CHORONDO & FILHOS believes that it is essential to grow and be more competitive, seeking to improve its management and innovation, and its main strategic objectives are:

i) Investing in internal organisation, namely, leadership, strengthening of financial capacity and quality of service;

ii) Reinforce the skills of its employees, through the redefinition of its Integrated HR System;

iii) Guarantee a competent response in the service provided to its customer base;

iv) Effectively increase its Marketing Communication Policy.

With a solid structure and several years of experience, CHORONDO & FILHOS guarantees the success of all partnerships and commercial activities in which it is involved.



CHORONDO & FILHOS intends to be a reference in the production, trade, processing and distribution of carob bean and other fruits, constantly seeking to exceed the expectations of its institutional partners, both for the quality demonstrated by its products and for its organizational and strategic competence.



CHORONDO & FILHOS will seek to competently intervene in the production and commercialization of its products, in order to gain trust and credibility from its business partners, while contributing to the social well-being and economy of the Algarve.

With a solid structure and several years of experience, CHORONDO & FILHOS guarantees the success of all partnerships and commercial activities in which it is involved.

Values ​​of Chorondo & Filhos, Lda.


and Efficiency

We seek to optimize resources, in order to maximize your return and avoid waste. The main focus of our action is on operational efficiency and the effectiveness of the services provided.

and Transparency

We are based on professionalism, rigor and transparency of relationships, in order to safeguard trust and respect for all our institutional partners.

of the customer

We work every day to satisfy the interests and needs of our customers, seeking to exceed their expectations, through the provision of value-added services.

by the Environment

CHORONDO & FILHOS values ​​environmental education and respect for the values ​​of the environment, helping to promote the integration of environmental objectives in the various forms of intervention, in order to reduce the adverse effects resulting from our activity, protecting the environment and preserving the well-being of our employees.

Since 1988

Industrial processing of carob

The investments made in equipment and production allow us to respond to our customers' requests quickly and efficiently, in adequate quantities for resale, reaching 20 tons per hour, reaching 30 thousand tons per year.





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