Alfarroba para indústria | Amêndoa e Figo Regional

Chorondo & Sons works with many leading companies to national and international level, in cattle-breeding area and for pets, providing crunched Carob for the composition of the feed.

It is the primary objective of Chorondo e Filhos, Lda. Producing high quality feeds that promote the health and welfare of animals, from promoting a healthy growth to maintaining a balanced diet throughout life.
Investments made in equipment and in production allows us to respond to requests from our customers quickly and efficiently, in quantities appropriate for marketing in retail, reaching 20 tons per hour, reaching 30,000 tons per year.
Most of our production is directed for export but also provide various distributors of animal feed in Portugal.

Want to know more about ground carob for industrial purposes or animal feed? Contact us.

triturado de alfarroba para indústria