The carob bean is a granular product obtained after grinding the carob bean. Irregular granular appearance, dark brownish color. Characteristic fruity smell. No infestations.

It consists of parts of pulp measuring about 20mmx15mm and a thickness of 8mm, while the Finely Shredded Carob consists of parts of pulp measuring about 10mmx5mm and a thickness of 2mm.


Drying Loss (%)  6-15
Total Sugars (%):  45-56
….Sucrose 32-38
….Glucose 5-6
….Frutose 5-7
….Pinitol 5-7
Protein (%)  3-6
Fiber (%)  7-8
Fats (%) 0.2-0.6
Ashes (%)  2-3
Minerals (mg/100 g)
Ca 307
Mg 42
Fe 104
Cu 12.23
Zn 0.59
Mn 0.4
Na 13
K 1100


Packaging: Raffia bags, with a net weight of 25Kg; Bulk or Big bags.

Validity: 12 months after the date of manufacture.

Storage Conditions: store in a dry and ventilated place.

Additional information: Non-O.G.M.